DEFT development & security update

The total supply remains the same; This will never change. BSC & Polygon chain tokens will be created out of existing supply.

☀️After listening to input from our valuable community, the following updates will be implemented.
The total supply remains the same; This will never change.
BSC & Polygon chain tokens will be created out of existing supply.

DEFT security Update

The vesting contract will be reduced to 25%.
10 billion tokens burned will be used as new supply on BSC Chain

10B deft on BSC:

  • 5B deft will be sold via presale at the uniswap price (ETA: 21-28 June)
  • 5B deft + raised BNB will be used to form initial liquidity at the uniswap price
  • new liquidity must be locked for 100 years
  • more info about presale will be posted after security update

🔻 This way no new supply will be created across all chains.

🔻 Cross chain swap will be enabled in advance, so everyone has chance to move DEFT to BSC if they needed.
Early ETH investors will get their tax cycles start from 24 May.

👨‍💻 Development progress

Currently, we are continuing the development of the Cross-Chain Bridge.
Takes more time than we expected.
However, it will allow us to list any new token created through the DEFT factory on the cross-chain bridge.
Should be completed by this weekend where the testnet version will be live allowing you to transfer testDEFT from ropsten to kovan and backwards.

After cross chain bridge development is completed we will move to the security update tests. Security update contracts are completed, UI developments and tests left.

🛡Security update

  1. Disabling referral program
  2. Changing tax system:
    • instead of taxing every transaction contract will be taxing only uniswap/pancake swap sells
    • buys/transfers will have 0% tax
  3. We will retain the burning system
    • the results of the present burning system have been inefficient with random results
    • this will be replaced with a Quarterly burn system.
  4. Changing redistribution:
    • because there will be no burning
    • we distribute 100% of the tax to holders
  5. New anti pump & dump algorithm:
    • There will be 3 cycles of taxes starting from the time you buy:
    • Cycle 1 (4 months)
      This starts when you buy with a tax of 15% reducing linearly to 8%
      -Cycle 2 (4 months )
      tax reduces linearly from 8 % to 3%
      -Cycle 3 (4 months)
      tax reduces linearly from 3% to 0%
    • this tax system is designed to protect the community/investors from pump and dump schemes and also to eliminate taxes for long-term term investors.
    • when you transfer to another wallet – the cycle restarts
    • when you buy some more token cycle is recalculated using weighted average
    • in the new dashboard, you will be able to see your current cycle tax
  6. New listing bot protection:
    • we learnt from our launch and this protection will work against bot
    • future launch on BSC will be without listing bots
  7. Anti-whale protection (buy limits)
    • on uniswap/pancakeswap we will have buy limits
    • limits will depend on current liquidity in the pair
    • more liquidity – higher limits
  8. Preparing system for DEFT token factory launchpad

Eta: 15-21 June

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